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I always have several kinds of flashlights around home, car, tote bag, and home office… even in the fanny pack I take when I go out walking my dogs, day or night. There are many reasons to have an assortment of flashlights… since we are all different, your reasons may be different from mine.


I have lived in places where the power often goes out, mostly in Mexico but also in rural places in the U.S. When the electricity is off, having a convenient flashlight has saved me from possible falls or other mishaps. I’m a writer who works at home, writing websites and books. I chose to do this website became I think it’s worthwhile for everyone to have flashlights.

It’s always good to keep a flashlight within reach. A friend of mine fell down a whole flight of stairs in the middle of the night, and he is still sore from cracked ribs.  He’s healing but a flashlight next to the bed could have saved him the pain.

There are so many kinds of flashlights.

  • Tiny ones for key chains
  • Small handy ones to carry in a pocket, purse, briefcase, or tote bag
  • Stronger larger ones can be useful for finding things that might have dropped on a carpet or out in the yard
  • Flashlights that fit on your head keep your hands free.
  • Combo flashlights and lanterns are great for if the power is out and you are cooking
  • Ones specially designed for the smaller hands of children

Those are just a few of my favorites Find out more about many kinds on this site.


toy dog holding a flashlightWhile I’m not an all-out prepper I do think that people should have some things on hand. Some food, some toilet paper, diapers if needed, and so on. Life can change quickly, and having some flashlights and batteries gives you a versatility you don’t otherwise have.

The other day I met a man who was bandaged up and standing in front of a local grocery store. He’d gone out into the night at his apartment without light and someone had knocked him down and stolen his wallet and cellphone. He didn’t have any food at home so he was asking for help at the store. You want to avoid this position! Having a flashlight would be part of being in a better situation.


The purpose of this website is to give you access to a variety of different kinds of flashlights that you can easily buy online. I don’t sell them myself but I provide links to them.

If you happen to have any questions, just leave them below or email them to support@findflashlights.com and I will be perfectly happy to give them my best shot.


R L Hart


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