What Flashlights Do You Have Now?

You probably have at least a few flashlights at present, maybe quite a few. In considering whether to update your flashlight collection, consider what you’ve got now. (That’s a tip that may turn out to be quite useful. It might even save you some money.)

Some of them may not work due to age, dead bulbs, corrosion, or other reasons. Some of them–maybe most of them– are fine, and you might consider where you keep them. How convenient is it to get to them when needed?

I’ve had my share of useless old flashlights lying around. This picture is luckily a bit out of date now, but it makes the point:

Flashlights in our junk drawer

Several of these were useless and had to be thrown away, but we still have most of them. For me, being a packrat was part of the problem. I had kept too many old flashlights that used bulbs. Now with LED lights so widespread, they are better choices. And I’ve added a small bright orange tactical flashlight that is one of my favorites.

Finding Those Flashlights

We had ours mainly in a junk drawer, but we had the advantage of having moved just a few years ago. If you’ve been in the same home for a long time, chances are your flashlights have crept around to odd places. But then if they’ve done that, they might not even count as ones you know about! Really if you don’t know about it, you might as well not have it.

Flashlights to Keep Handy

These are some flashlights I recommend to everyone:

  • Something near your bed, easy to grab
  • Flashlights near the doors to your home
  • One in each vehicle
  • An easy-to-grab LED flashlight in purse, tote bag, or backpack
  • A pocket-sized one for people who don’t carry a purse, tote bag, or backpack

Depending on your home and your activities, there may be some more.

What Flashlights Do You Have Now? That You Can Think Of?

I’m not asking you to drop everything and make an exhaustive list of every one that every member of your household has someplace… What can you remember off the top of your head? Please add a bit of a list in the comments! And if you post questions there, I’ll answer them!



4 thoughts on “What Flashlights Do You Have Now?”

  1. I have 2 flash lights (or torches as we say in the UK!) to hand in my kitchen but none anywhere else in my home!

    Your article has really made me consider this and realise that it is actually quite a poor situation to put our home in as they are not readily accessible anywhere we are. We don’t have vehicles to worry about but I like your idea of keeping a little flash light in a bag with you at all times (always prepared) and also having one next to your bed.

    LED flash lights are a fantastic recommendation too because I can’t tell you how often the bulbs go in mine! I need an upgrade I think!

  2. Hi there, I find this topic interesting as I’m currently living at home and my dad is a huge fan of flashlights so we have lots of varieties. We tend to keep them in one central area mostly so we all know exactly where to go to find them in the dark. I have a small one that I keep in my handbag and I had a larger one in my room but that batteries got corroded so I still need to purchase a replacement. Are there any particular features you look for in your flashlights?

    • I like LED ones now, rather than older ones with bulbs that can give out more easily.

      Good for you for keeping one in your handbag! Those can be handy even in the daytime, for example if you are in a dimly lit rest room and one of your earrings falls off. Important is to keep your purse flashlight in a place where you can get right to it!

      Also see my article about dealing with corrosion in flashlights.

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