What Flashlights Do You Have Now?

You probably have at least a few flashlights at present, maybe quite a few. In considering whether to update your flashlight collection, consider what you’ve got now. (That’s a tip that may turn out to be quite useful. It might even save you some money.) Some of them may not work due to age, dead … Read more

Places to Get Flashlights Online

When people think of online shopping for flashlights or anything else, of course one of the most popular places is Amazon.com. Here’s a link to the page there that lists the thousands of different flashlights they carry. There are other places on the internet that can be used to purchase flashlights. Over time as I … Read more

How to Clean Corrosion from a Flashlight

Sometimes you don’t get around to using an old flashlight that you have. Maybe it gets mislaid for a while or maybe you just don’t need it. Then you go to use it and it doesn’t produce any light. If it has a battery compartment, when you open it, there is white fuzzy stuff. Since … Read more